The Moore Charitable Foundation

The Moore Charitable Foundation

The Moore Charitable Foundation was founded by lifelong conservationist Louis Moore Bacon in 1992. The foundation provides support to initiatives that enhance conservation and protection of our natural environment.

Mr. Bacon and the foundation have taken leadership roles in conservation, land preservation and habitat management, both receiving numerous accolades for their steadfast dedication and commitment to protecting the environment.

Most recently, Mr. Bacon committed to donate 90,000 acres of his Trinchera Blanca Ranch in Colorado’s San Luis Valley in what will be the largest conservation easement with the federal government if the proposed Sangre de Cristo Conservation Area is approved. It has also been announced that in January 2013 Mr. Bacon will receive the prestigious Audubon Medal from the National Audubon Society, an award that has only been given 51 times over the 107 years of the Audubon’s existence.

Moore Charitable Foundation does not accept unsolicited proposals, but rather identifies viable programs that align with its core mission. The foundation engages leaders in conservation and habitat management to identify the programs and organizations to which it allocates resources. Preference is given to innovative programs and projects that take a collaborative approach to solutions in the following priority areas:

  • Land and Habitat: The foundation is committed to furthering land and habitat efforts that help conserve our precious land and protect our imperiled species.
  • Water: The foundation is committed to protecting the health of our bays, rivers, oceans and other water systems.

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