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Secretary Jewell: The Next 100 Years of American Conservation

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On April 27th, The Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership will be awarding the 2016 Lifetime Conservation Achievement Award to Louis Bacon. As The Moore Charitable Foundation gears up to this event and we celebrate both Earth Day and National Parks Week, we reflect on the state of conservation, open spaces nationally – and on our responsibility to guarantee the future for our next generations.  This week, Interior Secretary Sally Jewell released a statement about the need for a course correction in the way America conserves our public lands, waters and wildlife. Here is her statement, as repurposed from Medium. The Next 100 Years of American Conservation This week is National Park Week — a time when we celebrate the more than 400 natural, historical and cultural sites that make up the most incredible parks system on Earth. Places that attract visitors from around the world and inspire other nations to follow our lead. But being the “best” wasn’t always a forgone conclusion. During World War II, national parks fell into a state of disrepair. Congress, needing to fund the war effort, directed... read more +