Durham cypress swamp. Photo by LFLamb, for reuse


Rural North Carolina: An International Battleground on Forests and Climate Change

by Danna Smith, Founder and Executive Director, Dogwood Alliance Category: , ,

Today, most people understand that transitioning away from fossil fuels toward clean energy is essential to solving the climate crisis. Despite the fact that the Trump administration pulled out of the historic Paris Agreement, it’s been inspiring to see the flurry of activity on the part of states, municipalities and corporations across the nation committed to ensuring the U.S. does its part to meet the ambitious goals by committing to transition toward 100 percent clean energy. While this is certainly encouraging, we must face a harsh reality. Essential, getting off fossil fuels won’t be enough. Every scientific model I have seen proposing pathways to limit temperature increases to 1.5 degrees Celsius includes both a rapid reduction in carbon emissions and a dramatic increase in the amount of carbon dioxide being removed from the atmosphere. Standing natural forests are the only proven system that can operate at the scale necessary to remove enough carbon from the atmosphere within the timeframe necessary to avoid climate catastrophe. Equally as important, standing forests provide a safety net that can mitigate the effects... read more +