Rio Grande del Norte. Photo by Irene Owsley

Rio Grande del Norte. Photo by Irene Owsley


Environmental Justice in Colorado’s Conejos Land Grant Region

by Justin Garoutte, Executive Director of Conejos Clean Water Category: , ,

Louis Bacon and The Trinchera Blanca Foundation, an affiliate of  The Moore Charitable Foundation are proud to partner with Conejos Clean Water. It’s another morning in southern Colorado’s Conejos Land Grant Region, a region that has seen more sweat and tears than I will ever know, a region with so much promise, resiliency and aspirations for a brighter future. I walk the aching streets of Antonito, and the warm Colorado sun spreads its blessings upon the adobe houses, houses that were once homes, some that still are, holding on in a town whose heart beats slow and steady for its people, our culture and the land, air and water that give us life. If you walk around town long enough, you’ll eventually find Conejos Clean Water, a grassroots organization, now it its seventh year. Conejos Clean Water came about in 2010 though a struggle for environmental justice when radioactive, hazardous nuclear waste was to be transferred at a site just south of town, right next to the San Antonio River that provides life for our people. We won that... read more +